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A content management system or CMS is a software solution for managing your website content. The benefit of a CMS is to allow content creators, business owners, or any non-technical users to manage the content of their websites. CorpComm Group can assist you in creating the best solution for your business model.

Custom Content Management Systems

Many customers struggle when trying to find an existing CMS that matches their needs. In many cases, a custom-built content management system is the only solution. If this is your situation, look to CorpComm Group to build you the custom CMS to meet your needs. We have years of experience in developing custom solutions that work with a variety of software systems and are designed to scale with company growth. We develop intuitive tools that will not only help you manage your content, but improve your internal systems work flow and provide a better platform for web marketing.

Adapting to Pre-Built Applications

When you choose to implement an off-the-shelf or pre-built application you may find that you are limited in the changes you can make. CorpComm Group can assist you with the design, implementation and, in most cases, the customization of these applications. Our Web team has experience working with such systems across many industries whether it is a desktop application or an enterprise licensed server solution.

A few examples of the services we can provide include design templates and implementation; implementation and training for websites compliant with Macromedia/Adobe Contribute; customization of Microsoft's SharePoint, CMS, and FrontPage sites; design, content and module development for hospitals using the Medseek SiteMaker system; and design, content and customization of custom built systems developed by third parties.

Open Source Assistance

Many companies today are taking advantage of free open source programs to manage the content of their websites. This is due to the fact that there are no per-users licenses to purchase when using such programs. CorpComm Group can assist you in creating the graphic design, customization and installation of popular solutions such as Umbraco, Rainbow Portal and DotNetNuke.

To learn more about how we can help you implement a content management system for your company, contact us today for a free consultation. Feel free to visit our office located in Lima, Ohio or contact us via phone or web.